Phantom Fall

His school was near three other schools that all let out everyday the same time. Streams of kids were let loose on the city like a flash flood on a stormy day. Jared liked to walk, especially on a day like today when the sun was shining and leaves crunched underfoot. Walking alone after a long day at school was his preferred way of getting home and he had several routes, which he loved because no one else seemed to know them. He moved like a phantom through back lane ways, deserted parking lots and part of the citywide trail that people found difficult.

Today he was taking his time enjoying the sun and the freedom. Hours of sitting in a stuffy classroom had made him lethargic and he needed this walk to come alive again. He really hoped his father wouldn’t be home when he got there. He was tired of feeling suffocated by expectations.


January 10, 2013


I read a blog every day by a woman I consider a friend, She did this on her blog A Rural Journal, today and I borrowed the idea. I hope you don’t mind Nancy. :) .

Outside: a winter blizzard

Pondering: people raising their children on their blogs and in social media

Looking Forward To: my medication getting organized so I can restart my recovery

Fixating On: eating: too, much and too often

What I Need To Remember: set a schedule and do one thing at a time ~ be patient

My Current Project: trying to put the house back together after the Holiday

Hoping For: safe travels for those who have to be out in this

Watching: The Mentalist and Leverage

Dinner Last Night: odds and ends, with peanut butter

What made me frown/upset/laugh/smile/think today: a post by Karen Maezen Miller

Grateful for: a family who cares and tried to understand