Climate Change

It’s a phrase that’s become part of our everyday language. Something that we’re comfortable with, almost. We’ve all read the articles and seen the documentaries about changing weather and how it’s affecting different areas of the world. We’ve heard what’s happening in the Arctic and in other areas. We’ve heard about changing water levels, habitats and its affect on natural resources.

Today, as I was thinking about Blog Action Day and about the power we have as people to affect change, I started researching a little bit more about issues around Climate Change.
The one that really caught my attention was the direct increase in poverty in developing nations in relation to climate change.


“Extreme weather affects agricultural productivity and can raise the price of staple foods, such as grains, that are important to poor households in developing countries,” said Noah Diffenbaugh, the associate professor of earth and atmospheric sciences and interim director of Purdue’s Climate Change Research Center

Yes, after reading, it all makes perfect sense. Just consider how the food prices we have seen jump in the supermarket are affecting those in developing urban areas struggling to live on $1 per day.
BlogAction Day
Degrees of separation explains the link between poverty and the impacts of climate change much better than I can. Please have a look.

Climate change negotiations are taking place in Copenhagen in December. Please, be aware, get educated and get involved. There are lots of activities happening in communities all over the world. You do have a say – you can make a difference.

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